Разбираем тему «Автобус» на английском языке.

Bus routes 24 and 16 - Автобусный маршрут №24 и №16

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Excuse me, which bus do I get to the park? The 16.
Does the 24 stop near the bank? No, it doesn't.
Does the 24 go to  the railway station? Yes, it does.
Does the 16 stop outside the park? Yes, it does.
How often does the 16 run? Every 12 minutes.
How many stops is it to the park? Three.
Which is the last stop for the 24? The bus station.
Where do I get off for the cinema? At the next stop.
How long does it take to the bus station? It takes about ten minutes.

Excuse me - We say "excuse me" when we start talking to someone we don't know.
Извините - Мы говорим "извините", когда мы начинаем разговор о том чего мы не знаем. 

Run - travel on a route (bus, train)
Ходитпроезд по маршруту (автобус, поезд)

Last stop - the bus stop at the end of the route
Последняя остановкаавтобусная остановка в конце маршрута

Next stop - the first stop after now
Следующая остановкапервая остановка после текущей

How long does it take... - Сколько времени занимает...